LearnChangeDo Insight Journal for Notion

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Discover insights through capturing, organizing, and reflecting on your most important insights, guided by the world's best reflection tools.

There are tons of ways to reflect on your behavior, decisions, and personal growth over time.

One effective way of doing this kind of personal reflection is through journaling.

A regular journaling practice can help you:

  • 🧠 Improve your ability to identify your emotions
  • 🗺️ Orient yourself to a new set of circumstances
  • 🎯 Plan out your most audacious ideas and goals
  • 📐 Gain coherence and understanding of a situation
  • 👤 Create a stronger sense of identity and self-purpose
  • 📖 Increase your competence and understanding of an idea

A journaling practice is easy to start and requires no prior knowledge or experience.

Over time, you can grow and develop your journaling practice into a unique routine of your own design.

The LearnChangeDo Insight Journal is a simple and intuitive journaling template built on Notion for journaling of all types.

It comes pre-loaded with a variety of journaling templates like:

  • The Backcasting process
  • A personal SWOT analysis
  • Self-guided cognitive behavior therapy
  • A process for parsing through overwhelm
  • An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Matrix
  • A decision-making tool based on the Hard Choice Model

For more on how to start and grow an insight-rich journaling practice, visit learnchangedo.org/how-to-start-and-grow-a-journaling-practice

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LearnChangeDo Insight Journal for Notion

0 ratings
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